Date of the race : Sunday 7 August 2022


1/ Registration for the race can be done (up to the maximum number of 800 participants) :


  • Online registrations / link on our site at the begining of January
  • in person at the tourist office in Vernet-les-Bains, or
  • by post (address entries to: Championnat du Canigou, 37 Bd Clemenceau, 66820 Vernet-les-Bains, France).


2/ Entries will be accepted as valid only when we receive:

  • a completed entry form, plus
  • a photocopy of a medical certificate (in French) stating that you are fit enough to take part in a competitive mountain running race (this must have been signed by a doctor not earlier than one year before the date of the race), plus
  • the entry fee (40 Euros - but see point 3). (20€ for ''Mattes rouges''  / 15€ for ''Goa'')


3/ Options for payment of the registration fee from outside France:


       it is recommended to register and pay online :



  • By French cheque (stating “Payable en France...”) or 
  • By a cash transfer to “Championnat du Canigó”  :                                                                                                                                -   through what is known in France as the “mandat postal” system (which extends to some but not all other                   countries) or                                                                                                                                                       -   through a money transfer agency. For example, you can make payment online with a credit card through Western Union. If you do this, please make the transfer payable in cash. See the instructions at

After receiving by e-mail confirmation of payment, please send the tracking number ("MTCN") to Monsieur Roger Capela (Championnat du Canigó) at will need the number to collect the payment in cash in person. He will be able to do that at the Vernet-les-Bains post office (LA BANQUE POSTALE, 9 Promenade Du Cady, Vernet Les Bains, 66820, France).